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Hampton Roads International Security Quarterly

Volume XV, Nr. 4

US Middle East Strategy: Iraq, Syria, ISIS and Beyond

US policy in the Middle East has hit a new crossroads as Russia intervenes militarily in the Syrian civil war. Eighteen policy experts discuss US options for defeating ISIS and preserving western interests in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and elsewhere in the Middle East. Russian motives and tactics are discussed as well.

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Gold, Blood and Power
Finance and War Through the Ages

Money, in whatever form you care to imagine it— silver, gold, paper, or Bitcoin—remains as it always has been, the basic underpinning of national power, as well as the crucial determinant of military success. Throughout history, power has not so much flowed out of the barrel of a gun as derived from a nation’s ability to amass sufficient funds to prosecute a conflict.

This study commissioned by the US Army Strategic Studies Institute analyzes the economic and fiscal aspects of warfare ranging from ancient Greece and Persia up to World War II.

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