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Hampton Roads International Security Quarterly

Volume XVI, Nr. 1

Weaponizing Information: Propaganda Warfare in the 21st Century

The revolution in communications technology has taken 21st Century propaganda warfare into a new dimension. The internet’s potential was quickly recognized by groups such as al Qaeda and ISIS, whose technology- and media-savvy specialists churn out e-zines, blog posts, twitter campaigns, and eye-popping violent videos. Meanwhile Vladimir Putin’s nationalist Russia has revived disinformation as a foreign policy tool, albeit with a different tack than ISIS et al. While the latter seek to incite youth, Russia hopes to convince Europeans and Americans that, “objectively,” Putin is pursuing legitimate aims. Western governments are playing catch-up in their struggle to discredit adversarial propaganda.

This volume discusses the phenomenon of (Dis-)Information Age Warfare, analyzes the Russian and Islamist propaganda machines, introduces the civilian and military counter-efforts currently conducted by the United States, and proposes new strategies to counter propaganda.  To Order

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Project 1704

The strategic calculus changed in Europe with the 2014 Russian seizure of Crimea and its ongoing war against Ukraine. Moscow has laced its aggression with a  veil of ambiguity in order to prevent a decisive Western response. However, this ambiguity is easily defeated, if nations are willing to take concerted efforts now to preempt and deter further Russian aggression. Project 1704 assesses the tenuous strategic environment that now envelopes Eastern Europe and offers specific recommendations on how to preserve peace and stability in Europe.  More Information / To Order

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