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Hampton Roads International Security Quarterly

Volume XV, Nr. 2

A Transatlantic Strategy for Ukraine: Countering Russia and Driving Reform

Vladimir Putin's invasion of the Crimea and deployment of armed forces to eastern Ukraine requires a determined and strong response from the United States and from Europe, acting jointly through NATO and the European Union.
In this volume, eleven policy experts and policy makers discuss the Transatlantic options for containing further Russian aggression, to protect the Ukraine and to deter Russian threats toward other European nations. European, American and joint Transatlantic policy responses are considered, but the emphasis is on United States actions, as the USA is the only NATO partner with sufficient military power to back up diplomatic and political initiatives with a credible threat of consequences.   
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Project 1704

US Army War College Strategic Studies Institute
Publication 1274

The strategic calculus changed in Europe with the 2014 Russian seizure of Crimea and its ongoing war against Ukraine. Compounding the dilemma of an aggressive Russia, is the application of ambiguity to create a clock of uncertainty that prevents a decisive response to counter its destabilizing activities. However, this application of ambiguity is easily defeated, if nations are willing to take concerted efforts now to preempt and deter further Russian aggression. Project 1704 provides an honest assessment of the tenuous strategic environment that now envelopes Eastern Europe and offers specific recommendations on how to continue the 70 years of unparalleled peace that most of Europe has enjoyed.

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